Press Release- Don't Be Fooled By Phony IRS Agents

There has been an increase in phone and email scammers who impersonate IRS agents.  They may even change their caller ID to appear like they are calling from the IRS.  They may know the last four digits of your social security number.  Some of these phony callers use fake names and fake IRS badge numbers.

They may threaten to put you in fail, seize your assets, or take away your driver's license if you do not provide a payment over the phone during the call.  

Please do not panic or give out personal information if you receive such a call.  The IRS does NOT initiate contact through email or telephone calls.  If you are a victim of one of these ploys, please call us.  We can tell if you are actually having an issue with the IRS or not.  Most likely you are not.

Should you receive a letter from a taxing authority, please contact us.  We can help you in understanding the request.  If you have questions, as always, please call us.